The Alice Superyacht concept is absolutely magical, with its own natural park


Held from September 22-25, this year’s Monaco Yacht Show will bring some of the most impressive superyacht designs. Visitors will be able to take a peek at this magical ship inspired by Lewis Carroll’s fantasy classic, “Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland”. Aptly named by the German shipyard Lürssen Alice, the superyacht has a fully open exterior deck that includes a nature park with its own pond, dance floor and tennis court.

Lürssen recently posted a video on Youtube, showcasing the 322-foot (98-meter) superyacht. The design incorporates elements from the shipyard’s Limitless and Rising Sun motor yachts, using the ship’s deck space. What sets Alice apart, however, isn’t the five decks that come with her, but the fact that she actually lacks the main deck.

Company designer Jim Robert Sluijter says this unique layout stems from feedback from many owners who say the main living room is not used that much. So he ended up sketching out a spacious outdoor patio that allows for all kinds of fun activities.

From the tennis court to the small wooded park and ponds, there is only one partially covered space which allows guests to indulge in the swimming pool located above their heads. Next to the spectacular swimming pool there is also a helipad. Below you will find a bar and a dance floor.

In keeping with the green theme that dominates the outer deck, no diesel engine will be on board. Instead, Alice will have a fuel cell propulsion system that runs on methanol. In addition, all water toys and annexes will be electric. Sluijter also says the ship will use smart energy management. For example, the heat which will come from the tank will be used to heat the swimming pool.

For now, this magical concept only exists in renderings, but those who want to learn more about Alice and see the model of the ship can do so at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show.


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